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Have you ever

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people in general eat until they can’t possibly hold any more? I’ve often wondered it myself, because I’ve actually caught myself doing this, and even having to unbutton my pants… I don’t know why I do it, I think a good answer would be that maybe it just tastes so good that you want to keep tasting it, and then suddenly you’ve eaten so much your well sick.. I first realized this when I done weight watchers 360 back in January of this year when I would eat the smaller portions, I wasn’t hungry I was full, but I wasn’t overly full, and it seemed strange to me, that I wasn’t miserable after a meal. And I’m in the same situation this go around.. I’m working on eating better, but not actually saying I’m dieting, because I just don’t like that word, it’s actually a nasty little word… And can make you (me) eat more than I normally would..  I am going to try out a gym that has a pool hopefully by the end of this week, I’d do it sooner, but my van is being repaired from storm damage, and the rental car is horrible on gas (eww)!  I’m hoping this will help with my bad ankle, and my legs that get constant shin splints just from walking the shortest distances. So we shall see…. I’m also not really telling anyone I know because I feel it will set me up for failure once again…

Sick and tired

So here it is im sick and tired of being overweight,  you may ask then why dont you do something about it? People seem to think all overweight people have some sort of eating disorder,  but there are many factors that come into play when it comes to weight issues.  I dont eat huge portions, lots of junk,  or a lot of fast food.  But here I am 5 feet and 175 lbs.  I have issues walking due to an ankle injury 2 years ago and constant shin splints which makes it painful to walk even the shortest distances.  I hate looking at myself, and cant imagine how or why my husband is even attracted to me anymore.  Wish it was easier to explain how I feel. ….. I want a new body……

Mondays here!

Monday is here once again, and so am I after a much needed Holiday weekend that was filled with family, food, and fun. However Monday always seems to come way too quickly anymore! I enjoyed the 4th of July with my two little princesses who were absolutely amazed with all the fireworks loud, or not. They enjoyed every minute of Independence Day, this was their first year to really enjoy it together since Ella has been too little, or just not interested in the festivities the 4th of July brings each year! My two girls make each and every Holiday extra special. Hope you all enjoyed your 4th as much as my family and I did.

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